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Casio G-Shock GA100-1A2 Model: GA100-1A2
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  • MALE
  • 200M
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    55.0mm x 51.2mm
  • Analog Quartz
Average Review
22  Reviews
19 Positive reviews out of 22
5 Aug 2012
Review By: FrostyTheSnowman
My boyfriend lived this watch got it for him for Christmas last year and he wears it everyday. It's a lighter quality and a smaller face than the older watches so for work he likes this much better.
11 Jul 2014
Review By: Bogdan
excelent watch! i got this to go with my uniform (black/ blue) it looks awesome and works well. no problems so far. wish it were solar powered though... oh and the led light is pretty bad, makes the time readable at night but let's just say i'll stick to my digital display Gshock for night shifts.
3 Jun 2014
Review By: Seth Ziemer
The watch is good until the hands block off the left box which can indicate the stop watch, digital click etc.
20 Apr 2014
Review By: Javier Gomez
Watch is comfortable looks good sturdy fashionable great watch for the price . I would definitely buy another one .
13 Mar 2014
Review By: Isaiah
Great watch. Hard to read at night. But I love it. Wouldnt trade it in for another. Worth every penny.
7 Mar 2014
Review By: Knowledge
Looks cool, a bit hard to read sometimes due to the colors and the light at night could be brighter but overall a good watch.
1 Mar 2014
Review By: Brendan
I liked the watch a lot! At first I thought the watch would be difficult to manage after I saw the manual of the book, but it was in six different languages! I like the interface and the design of the watch!
14 Jan 2014
Review By: Justin
I own several G-Shocks as well as other outdoor style watches. The black and blue design on this watch is awesome looking except for the hands which are for some reason much lighter colored than the rest of the blue on the face. However like all G-Shocks it is very rugged and a great looking watch.
25 Nov 2013
Review By: Emmanuel Serrano
I've been looking for a sport watch and this one is very nice. Very happy with the design of the watch and how clear the displays are.
18 Sep 2013
Review By: VU NGUYEN
Nice watch, I have been looking around and decided to buy this one thru DEXCLUSIVE, taking advantage of my 6 months students PRIME, purchased 2 times but i received 2 cancellation emails after that due to OUT OF STOCK.- To DEXCLUSIVE, if you are OUT OF STOCK, take down your ad or at least put OUT OF STOCK, so i don't have to bother buying it.
2 Jul 2013
Review By: The Beast
Normally I wear watches with metal bracelets. However I wanted a really good everyday watch and this watch is perfect. I admit the face is larger than other watches I have but it still works for me.
21 Feb 2013
Review By: Lisa
The watch is exactly has described. It was easy to set and it looks great. My husband loves the color.
10 Sep 2011
Review By: Stanley B. Dow
This watch looks so good. It is getting hard to find at a reasonable price. The blue accents are fantastic.
4 Aug 2014
Review By: Manish
Amazing watch!!!
24 Jul 2014
Review By: danny boylan
21 Dec 2013
Review By: Cleber M.
excellent product, in perfect condition. Already know the site, because I have done many safe shopping. keep buying satisfied and satisfying family with gifts.
18 May 2014
Review By: Liveanddiefishing
this was a replacement for my work watch and I am very happy with it so far I have only had it 4 weeks and it is doing well I was a little overwhelmed with the big owner's manual
19 Jun 2010
Review By: Chrystal A. Kral Avid Shopper
The actual G-Shock is nice to look at. However, it took an hour and 45 minutes to get it set up to match our time zone. I live in AZ and we do not have daylight savings time, so although we are on CA time currently, it made us choose CO time zones to get the time correct. Although that is not accurate, it made the time current. I do dread the fact that we will have to re-program it at daylight savings time again later in the year. Overall - would want this watch to be more user friendly, but still a very fashionable purchase.
20 Feb 2013
Review By: casio ga-100-1a2 - 舟山市, China
a good price
25 Jun 2013
Review By: Roshan Kumar - Mid Levels, Hong Kong
At order checkout stage, should confirm delivery address and payment address. Maybe customers want them to be different. Have a confirmation page with all order details before finalisation / confirmation of order.
09 Oct 2013
Review By: wilson - Bothell, United States
thank you for the big discount
19 Apr 2014
Review By: ruzaini - Bandar seri Begawan, Brunei
thanks and very fast shipping
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