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Casio G-Shock GX56-1B Model: GX56-1B
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    55.5mm x 53.6mm
  • Digital Quartz
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1 Jan 2012
Review By: jay
Whoa...what a watch. Solid, lightweight, built to survive even if you don't. I was brought up with these watches. G-Shocks have always been around in my life. I have always been impressed with build quality, size style. I love that these watches have set the tone for how a well built watch could be. That leads me to the GX56-1B (that's the black and gold one) . If you are reading this than you might be interested in purchasing do your research...good for you. Well friend look no further than the GX56-1B. By far the G-shock I have ever had, or tried. I wanted the Frogman-great super expensive esp. if you don't dive, than the Mudman- wow that's sharp- once again pricey for what it is. The GX56-1B is a clear example of function over form. The thing is simple. Period. I mean easy to use. There are reviews talking about how big it is-yes it is big, but not too big. Im a medium-larger guy-not to big at all. If you have used a G-Shock for a few days in your life...
30 Dec 2011
Review By: ShockWatch
Mission Impossible, accomplished! First reaction, fireworks in the background. Awesome black and non-negative display version of my GX45-4DR (Solar Orange). Nice and bright display. Awesome matte black finish! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This is my everyday watch, along with my other everyday G Shock /br /I ordered this watch primarily because it was featured in Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol worn by Simon Pegg's character /br /Made in Thailand
6 Sep 2012
Review By: RickNV
this is a big gshock- i have had several gshocks- after wearing the Riseman for several years I got the King and its a big watch but its so light and the band is well designed so it fits perfect and I have a very small wrist- its a great gshock to add to the collection- did i mention its big ???
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