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Fossil Nate Twist ME1133

Fossil Nate Twist ME1133 Model:ME1133

ME1133 Fossil Fossil Nate Twist ME1133 Fossil Nate Twist ME1133 US$143 NewCondition OutOfStock Watches It is a little ironic that these watches are branded ‘Fossil’ when they actually cater to the young (at heart too) generation. The watches exploded onto the scene in 1984 and have not looked back even once. Their target audience is youngsters who want high quality and low priced watches. Fossil has managed to attract some big names of the design industry. Frank Gehry and Phillipe Starck are just 2 such people who have helped the company create mega watches. The diverse range of watches include motion dials and titanium watches too.

From the family of the Nate series of Fossil, comes Nate Twist. This is a collection that has watches which are superbly built. You can see the lineage of style has been maintained diligently. You can literally see it, thanks to the see through case! The very solidly colored watches will appeal to you immensely.