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Marc-Jacobs Henry Glossy MBM3212

Marc Jacobs Henry Glossy MBM3212 Model:MBM3212

MBM3212 Marc Jacobs Marc-Jacobs Henry Glossy MBM3212 Marc-Jacobs Henry Glossy MBM3212 US$213 NewCondition OutOfStock Watches Marc Jacobs is one of the best known fashion designers in America. He is best known for making fashionable clothes and accessories. So his watches bear his mark of solitary genius. The Marc Jacobs label came into this world in 1986. The watches have a very distinctive look about them. Most of them have the letters of his name as numbers! With a “By” added on to make it 12. The watches are immensely stylish and light hearted. If you conjured up a vision of a hugely glittering watch when you read Henry Glossy, then you have to think different! This series from Marc Jacobs is all about understated shine. Magnificently monochrome, the watches in this collection are all about being glamorous without being loud. Choose your favorite color and wear it with dignified style.