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Seiko 5 SNK305K1 Model: SNK305K1
US$ 93 from US$ 93 to US$ 185 Brand new! Imagine a watch which has a history dating way back to 1881. That was the year of founding of Seiko Holdings Corporation. Today, Seiko watches are almost always linked with high-precision quartz watches which are dependable, affordable and personable too. The word “Seiko” stands for exquisite in Japanese. That is one adjective that can be applied to Seiko watches because they have gorgeous attention to detail. Seiko is known to produce almost all components for its watches through in-house manufacturing units. Seiko also has a rich sporting legacy, having been official timekeeper to several Olympic Games and World Cups too. Seiko is known for its watches which offer a great deal of value for money. With the 5 collection, you get the most important features of an everyday watch – automatic movement, water resistance, shock resistance, date display and day display. There is another number for you to consider – 21 – the number of jewels in the watches of this series.
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05 Aug 2013
Review By: Kubra - Bozeman, United States
I liked it !
05 Aug 2013
Review By: Kubra - Bozeman, United States
I liked it !
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