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Seiko 5 SNK305K1 Model: SNK305K1
Imagine a watch which has a history dating way back to 1881. That was the year of founding of Seiko Holdings Corporation. Today, Seiko watches are almost always linked with high-precision quartz watches which are dependable, affordable and personable too. The word “Seiko” stands for exquisite in Japanese. That is one adjective that can be applied to Seiko watches because they have gorgeous attention to detail. Seiko is known to produce almost all components for its watches through in-house manufacturing units. Seiko also has a rich sporting legacy, having been official timekeeper to several Olympic Games and World Cups too. Seiko is known for its watches which offer a great deal of value for money. With the 5 collection, you get the most important features of an everyday watch – automatic movement, water resistance, shock resistance, date display and day display. There is another number for you to consider – 21 – the number of jewels in the watches of this series.
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1 Apr 2010
Review By:M. Anderson
I like my new Seiko Automatic a lot. It's stylish, keeps good time, and requires no batters. The face is a darker shade of brown than appears in the photo on Amazon, so it gives great readability, but has richness you don't get with black. The band is comfortable, nice-looking and sturdy. The clasp works well and is easy to operate. Days of the week can be displayed in English or Spanish. For me, I give this watch 5 stars.

There are a couple of comments I will make about the self-winding nature of the watch. These don't bother me at all, but it's information I hope you will find useful in making your decision.

When I first got the watch, I put in on and set the time. However, this was in the evening. I took it off and put it on my nightstand when I went to bed and in the morning, it had stopped. This is simply because I only wore it for a few hours and that was too little to wind it enough to last throughout the night. However, I put the watch on that...
20 Feb 2011
Review By:Malachi Constant
I have recently become obsessed with watches, very quickly acquiring an impressive collection of moderately priced time pieces. It is rare to come across an automatic watch that keeps accurate time, and this one does. I have only had it for a few days, and set it to the atomic clock online. In the past two days, it has lost ONE second, that's right, ONE SECOND! I don't know if that is common to this model, or just this particular watch, but that is better then a Submariner that costs 200 times the price of this little Japanese ticker. It is a 21 jewel automatic movement, that cannot be manually wound, it needs kinetic energy to get going. The sweeping second hand is not as smooth as a more expensive Swiss or even Japanese movement, but it's accuracy has literally blown me away. I know of far more expensive watches being off +/- 15 seconds a day. So far this has lost half a second a day, I cannot believe it. I own prettier, more expensive watches, and am waiting for the delivery...
7 Dec 2011
Review By:e-bird
First of all, this watch is a 7S26 movement; which means that it is regarded as Seiko's workhorse division of movements. If you do a search of the 7S26 movement, you will see what im talking about. The watch itself is very elegant. While delivering a beautiful brown face and gorgeous hour markers, the watch also stuns with its stainless steel band and hidden clasp action. I must say, this watch was well worth the money I paid for on amazon. I purchased this watch through amazon (didnt buy it from any outside sellers) and it was delivered well within the shipping parameters. I researched watches for over one month and during that time I reviewed Orient watches, Invicta watches, seiko and even a few citizen watches.(from what ive read, invicta has slacked off over the years in their watches. Swiss made and swiss movement are two totally different things). If you want a really good automatic watch, buy a bulova or any other kind of swiss made watch. But you will pay much, much...
2 Jan 2012
Review By:Doug
This watch keeps perfect time so far (2 weeks), is easy to read in low light, and is a nice size. A lot of new watches are so big they look like you have an alarm clock strapped to your wrist. I like the being able to see the winding mechanism and pulsing spring through the crystal on the back. The band feels good after getting a few links out and is easy to put on and take off.
05 Aug 2013
Review By: Kubra - Bozeman, United States
I liked it !
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