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Skagen Steel Ladies 107XSRR Model: 107XSRR
US$ 109 from US$ 109 to US$ 115 Brand new! This watch brand was inspired by a quaint seaside village in Denmark! Skagen was founded in 1989. The magnificent inspiration provided by natural elements is apparent in the lines and colors of the watches. There is a lot of simplicity in the design of the watches. There is a wide range of choices as well. From classic and minimalist lines to fashionable timepieces to sophisticated style, Skagen can indeed offer you all this and more. This Danish brand prides itself on creating watches which are meticulously crafted. Probably this is one of the biggest reasons why it has become a global brand. Of course women are made of tough stuff. For a woman like you who knows how to take on life, nothing less than the Steel Ladies collection from Skagen will do. Even as you go about meeting life head on, you look good doing so! And that’s the ethos that has gone into the making of this collection too.
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  • 30M
  • Analog Quartz
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