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Burberry City BU1390

Burberry City BU1390 Model:BU1390

BU1390 Burberry Burberry City BU1390 Burberry City BU1390 US$296 NewCondition OutOfStock Watches As a brand, Burberry has a heritage that goes back to 1856. The watches that come with this label are classic and carry a distinctive British sensibility. Perhaps the most “Burberry of them all” carry the iconic tartan pattern on their watch straps. You will love the checks pattern that will bring to mind kilts and a sense of warm style. Many a watch has tried to imitate the pattern but Burberry remains top of the heap here. For a distinctive blend of tradition and contemporary style, you must simply own a Burberry. In the world of watches, Burberry is a rather unique brand because it reflects the design ethos of Britain. From this watch brand comes the City collection of timepieces which capture the aura, appeal and attractiveness of London. Very British and very elegant indeed, these watches are truly made for the person who loves to be simple and sophisticated.