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Diesel Limited Edition Mister Cartoon DZMC0002

Diesel Mister Cartoon DZMC0002 Model:DZMC0002

DZMC0002 Diesel Diesel Limited Edition Mister Cartoon DZMC0002 Diesel Limited Edition Mister Cartoon DZMC0002 US$254 NewCondition OutOfStock Watches Think of all the adjectives used to describe the younger generation of today and they can all be applied to Diesel watches as well. Hip, bold, futuristic, in-your-face and brash. Diesel watches are part of the Diesel brand which was established in 1978. Some of the watches have the typical Diesel feature of jumping hour discs. Most Diesel creations are huge in size and have unmistakable odd shaped dials. Diesel watches push the boundaries when it comes to accepted styles and shapes. Provocative ads are the hallmark of this company and its edgy design principle is reflected in the watches as well.

Delightful irreverence is the keystone to Diesel and it is the most apparent in the Mister Cartoon series. Even the iconic Mohican on the reverse of the watch has been given a creative tweak. Eccentric, satirical and interesting - that is what makes the Mister Cartoon such a popular series. Enjoy a richly detailed and distinctive watch.