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Camera Strap NS-EN110

Electronics/Canon Camera Strap CAN EN110STRAP Model:CAN-EN110STRAP

CAN-EN110STRAP Canon Camera Strap NS-EN110 Camera Strap NS-EN110 US$46 NewCondition InStock

Helping to carry and support a camera system, the Canon NS-EN110 Camera Strap is an easy-to-adjust 57.9"-long strap featuring a soft padded design for greater comfort. The strap is rated for carrying up to 6.6 lb and a position lock function can be used to keep the camera close to the body and prevent bouncing and swinging while walking.

Key Features:

- Adjustable with 57.9" Maximum Length
- Width: 2.2"
- Soft Padding
- Position Lock Prevents Bouncing/Swinging
- Load Capacity 6.61 lb / 3 kg
- Weight: 6 oz / 170 g