2013 belonged to….
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As this year draws to a close, there is no doubt that all of us will look back at 2013 and think about what it held for us and what are the things that made it memorable. Of course, being in the “time” business, we were delighted by the veritable cornucopia of watch brands and models that made their way into the markets and the products that they gave our customers. Even as some astounding inventions filtered in and changed the wristwatch industry forever, there can be little doubt that 2013 belonged to the smartwatch. Big and unknown, hits and misses, features that are almost in the realm of science fiction and much more – all of it characterized the smartwatch segment.


And in this world of super intelligent watches, we must state that 2013 belonged to Pebble. But don’t take our word for it. In various reviews and comments, people have stated that Pebble watches are:

* Capable of bringing sanity to smartphone users

* The underdog which proved smart watches are worthwhile and

* Awesome!


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Pebble is not resting on its digital laurels either. With the confidence that comes from success, the makers of Pebble are donating more than 4000 watches to computer science classrooms. This drive is part of the company’s support for STEM-focused programs in education. The current slew of Pebble apps allows wearers to enjoy better levels of fitness, communications and music. There is plenty more in mind because the company has appealed to developers to keep Pebble watches in mind too! So there is definitely more to come.


Finally, 2013 must also belong to Pebble as far as smart watches are concerned because the watch simplifies the delivery of all the features. The wearer does not have to be a techie to figure out how to do more with his time with the Pebble gracing his or her wrist. We wonder what 2014 will bring for Pebble. More apps, for sure. Perhaps more connection to a larger range of smartphones as well? Well, this would be a space worth keeping an eye on.

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