Watch’s happening To the Good Ole Watch?!?
Authored by: Sean  

Toba Beta said, “It’s sometimes funny to watch some people doing something the wrong way, but doing it confidently. Even more funny, they succeeded.” Okay, granted that this is not directly related to a wristwatch but here is how it all comes together. All of us are used to wearing a wristwatch which is either round or square and tells time in a very straightforward digital or analog manner. But then came along Roger Kellenberger who gave the world his masterpiece.     ‘Look, ma, no hands’ takes on a rather bewildering dimension with this watch. It does not have hands but you can tell time based on the inner ring of the watch which rotates and aligns to the stationary outer ring. For another option as far as a watch with no hands is concerned, you could check out the Nixon Newton series. And you are sure to find something that suits your will to do something differently and succeed at it! You could also get a great grasp of on how some of these unconventional watches look and feel when you watch Dave, our watch reviewer play around with this Nooka Zub Zayu.



















If you thought that was unusual then take a look at how Andy Kurovets has taken the concept of the good old hourglass and created it into a modern-day timepiece.    Watchmakers are not limited in their imagination or the use of technology. And, designers and classic brands have stood all concepts of design on their head. They have indeed followed Toba Beta’s words in doing something really funny and succeeding in making a space and a unique brand identity for themselves. Today, you can easily find watches that are made of unique materials such as paper. There are watches that will tell you time as you speak it. For instance, instead of showing the time as 10.10, the watch’s display will tell you that it is “10 past ten”!

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