Statistics, Time And Life At The Cellular Level
Authored by: Sean  

Just the way that a cell is said to be the building block of life when one is talking about the biological unit, a cell can also be building block of statistics and more effective computing! And this is at the heart of something like Microsoft Excel.




Can you imagine trying to compute statistics of various kinds and going through rows and rows and columns and columns of numbers and either adding them all up or trying to find their averages or basically working through various permutations and combinations of same?



Even that question was such a long and cumbersome one is it not? And that perhaps would be the case if you did not have MS Excel at your command!

Interestingly, this spreadsheet program came into the world in 1982 under the name of Multiplan. 1985 saw the first version of Excel coming into the world and today, this program is at the heart of almost every kind of calculation in most business organizations. There are ready made formulae and computations that you can go through with this program.

Imagine the kind of savings on time that you get to enjoy. Instead of punching your way through a 1001 (or more numbers) simply to find the average, all you need to do is select the relevant cells, rows or columns and look for the fx symbol on your Excel sheet and select the option of “AVERAGE”. Less than a fraction of a second later, you have your answer!


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Software and modern “conveniences” such as Microsoft Excel do indeed go a long way in helping an individual save time. And without these options, every accountant, statistician or businessman and even many individuals will be going round and round in some extremely complex circles armed with a pencil and a calculator!

Whoever put statistics in the same light as “damned lies” obviously did not know the power of Microsoft Excel!

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