All A Question Of Timing
Authored by: Sean  

Ansel Adams, photographer beyond compare, said, “Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter.” Thomas Hobbes, who wrote Leviathan in 1651 said, “Hell is truth seen too late.”


Both the above statements talk about the importance of timing. There is indeed a wrong time and a right time to do things. Software coding, marriage proposals, an aircraft taking off, launching a space mission, getting up in time for a meeting – all of it can go either smoothly right or horribly wrong depending on the time factor!


Take the cover of Smart Money Magazine which exhorted people to get into stocks and real estate and get rich. Why was it bad timing? Because it hit the stands on September 16th 2008, coinciding with the worst drop the stock market has seen since the Great Depression.


On a personal note, I know of this guy who planned such an extravagant wedding proposal. Turtle Doves flying in with the perfect diamond ring, ribbons, champagne, the works. Which girl would not want it right? Wrong! Because they had been going out only for 3 months and she just dissolved into hysterical laughter when he broke out the romance!


Skydiving is nothing to laugh about. Yes, you can have great fun at it but you simply have to pay attention to timing when it comes to deploying your parachute. It can get even more critical when you are part of freefall formations with a large group of skydivers!


If the world of skydiving is a world of fantasy for most of us, then here is another concrete example of good timing. Walt Disney went into animated cartoons just before the Great Depression and allowed people an inexpensive way of using fantasy to escape from the harsh life they were facing. And when the economy came roaring back to normal, 1950s, saw the establishment of the first of the iconic Disney theme park.


So, whether it is business, life, travel or even planning an event, timing is indeed critical. So here’s hoping that Kairos always hovers over your shoulder.


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