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If you were an actor, an Oscar would look pretty good on your mantel shelf. Winning the Grand Slam is what every tennis player dreams of. But ask a watchmaker and he would simply nod in polite acknowledgement when you wax eloquent about these awards and recognitions. In the rarified atmosphere of watch making and designing recognitions are given for absolute mastery of the art and science of horology. Here is a list of some of the top awards that watch makers, designers and horologists live for.


The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers gives awards such as the Tompion Medal and the Harrison medal for achievements in horology and dissemination of knowledge. The Clockmakers Company has a history that dates back to 1631.


If you like the online world of watch awards, then you can always check out what’s happening in forums such as AskMen. They have a glittering list of watch experts on their panel. Incidentally, there are others such as Esquire and GQ as well! You could also check out Yanko Design in case you like eclectic stuff. The Grand Prix D’horlogerie de Geneve looks at awarding remarkable watches from all over the world.


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Way back in 1953, the Antiquarian Horological Society came into being. This Society gives awards in various categories such as articles on horology and clock conservation and restoration. Receiving awards such as the Percy Dawson or the Dr.Alan Shenton award is a huge deal in the watch world.  There is also the Watch World awards that has been brought into being by the Chitralekha Group. It brings together big personalities from India and the world.


The American Watchmakers – Clockmakers Institute also has 2 awards that recognize outstanding achievements and meritorious service.  Baselworld is one event that watch brands look forward to. It encompasses watches and jewelry. The event attracts some big names in the industry. Not irrelevant to add the Brand Book brought out by Baselworld as recognition for watchmakers. Red Dot Awards also recognizes product design and there are some fabulously interesting watches on their list.


 The iF product design is also a great deal in the world of watches. Finally, there is the Good Design Award constituted by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.


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Interestingly, you also have a Good Design Award in Japan – Some of the other names in the watch awards world are Alta Relojeria Mexico and the Fortune China Design awards. How interesting it is to think about how watch makers will count these achievements as their most precious possessions.


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