Are You Gauche Or Are You Droite ?
Authored by: Sean  

No, we are not asking you whether you are crude or smart! We are simply asking whether you wear your watch on your left or right hand! For sure, there are rules that govern the wearing of watches too.

The most popular thing to do is to wear it on the hand that is less-used. So if you are gauche or left handed, then you wear it on your droite or right hand.

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But then there are those who buck the trend.


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This friend of mine who is a teacher (right handed one) wears her watch on her right hand. She says it gives her a chance to surreptitiously check the time when she is writing something on the black board. Fortunately, she does this only when her class is being particularly difficult!

But why would you wear your watch on your dominant hand? Will it simply not get in the way of everything that you do?

Imagine trying to write something with a huge clunky watch strap digging into your wrist. But this does not deter people from doing so and in fact it is interesting to note that there are plenty of online forums where everybody talks about how they wear their watches!

People also state that wearing their watches on their dominant hands makes them extra careful about their possessions. How many times have you smashed your wrist against the corner of the table? And yes of course, it is only the dial of your expensive watch that takes the brunt of it all.

And then there are people who are “ambidextrous”. They actually wear two watches. Either both on one hand or distributed equally on both hands!

Hmmm, wonder if they think that time will go faster if they wear more of it?

Whether it is to make a fashion statement or not, wearing 2 watches may be giving them a chance to tell time in two different time zones.

Would it not be easier to go in for something like the Diesel SBA DZ7242 which can tell time not just in two time zones but in 3 of them!



A lot of people simply want to be different and therefore wear their watches on the right-hand. Some even turn the dial inwards. Wonder if telling time is a covert operation with them!

Ask every person who wears his or her watch differently as to why they do it and you will get answers ranging from practicality to the need to be different.

So go right ahead, wear a watch on either hand, loop it through your jeans or your handbag or even buy a really tiny watch that you can slip on as a finger ring! Point is to be part of the community that wears their watches with style!


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