Atomic time keeping and Casio
Authored by: Sean  

The humble atom has been capable of doing phenomenal things! It can deliver weapons of mass destruction, power countries, why, people even talk about the atomic power of prayers! But when it comes to the wristwatch industry, atomic power has taken on some fantastic dimensions indeed. First things first though, an atomic time keeping device bases itself on atomic physics and not on nuclear physics and functions primarily with the help of the microwave signal that electrons in an atom exude.


The timekeeping devices that work on this principle are, above everything else, extremely reliable and accurate. Considering the fact that atoms resonate at massively consistent frequencies, atomic clocks, by extension, are massively consistent too. One of the best known examples of an atomic timekeeping device is the NIST-F1 atomic clock. This cesium fountain clock ticks and tocks away in Colorado and is the fount of all time as far as the USA is concerned.


In everyday world, probably the best known atomic time pieces are manufactured by Casio. When Casio chose to power up its G Shock collection with atomic power, it brought about a huge change in the industry indeed. Simply put, atomic watches receive a time calibration signal from the official time ‘keepers’ in countries such as Japan and USA. As long as the watch has access to this signal, it will keep time accurately. Now, Casio has several atomic watches in its collections titled Waveceptor, Pathfinder, Black Label and G Shock of course.



Where Casio has made these watches even more phenomenal is by enabling the watch to receive signals from half a dozen transmission stations – 2 in Japan and 1 each in North America, UK, Germany and China. Radio waves are received from Fort Collins, Colorado and the watches are capable of automatic time correction depending on the previously selected options. This is thanks to the Multi Band 6 technology.



























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How does the watch receive the signals? Simple, it has a mini but powerful antenna. It is monumentally sensitive and yet shock resistant! Casio watches go through a battery of tests that toughen their atomic timepieces. Casio is one brand that continues to push the envelope when it comes to technology and watches and with the atomic timepieces of the G Shock collection, you know you will never have the excuse (or fear) of your watch showing you the wrong time. The Multi Band 6 technology will take care of all that! How powerful the humble atom can be!












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