Because Power Lies In Choice
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“She offends the squeamish by her unstinted display of gypsy colors on the floor and the conspicuousness with which she dresses her bushy blue-black hair.”


This was the description rendered by a reporter for Katherine Langley, a congresswoman from Kentucky way back in the 1920s. The legend is that Langley chose to wear a blue dress trimmed with red.


Cut to more recent times and women like Hilary Clinton and Sheryl Sandberg who changed the way women in power dress. Colors, scarves, accessories – almost anything can be worn and worn with great panache. Most importantly, they do not take away from the fact that it is the ability and expertise of the woman that is doing the talking.


As Donna Karan said, “We’ve come a long way. Power dressing now is designed to let the woman inside us come through”. Power dressing for women is an immensely interesting thought process and one of the most important accessories in this sphere is the wristwatch.


Going with classic colors and fits is a great idea. Angela Merkel has often been described as classic. She is famous for her plain, no-nonsense suits and classic watches have that quality – a no-fuss focus on being elegant. DiscountShop has a huge collection of classic watches and one of them is the Bedat Women’s Classic 828.011.600. This is an intriguing watch for its little touches – look at the ‘8’ marker!

Bedat Women's Classic

Bedat Women’s Classic


Going with a boxy look was Margaret Thatcher’s way! She was known for her boxy Ferragamo handbags! A square shaped watch can be extraordinarily powerful looking. Take the Cartier Tank Anglaise W5310047 for instance. This is an iconic shape and it has to belong to your wardrobe of power.

Cartier Tank Anglaise

Cartier Tank Anglaise


The fit is everything when it comes to wristwatches. The easiest rule you can follow is to find a watch that whose case size or face does not overflow beyond the width of your wrist. DiscountShop does have a handy to use ‘Try It On’ feature which is available on the page of each watch. You could also download the app and try it on as well. A medium sized watch such as the Coach Women’s Sydney 14501835 is rather sleek and sophisticated.

Coach Women's Sydney

Coach Women’s Sydney


Color – now this is an interesting area when it comes to power dressing. If Christian Lagarde who heads the IMF is known for her vibrantly colored scarves then Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s President is known for understated colors and fashion choices. So what should you choose? Why not both? Add a dash of fabulous color to a plain suit with the Casio Sheen SHN3012L-4A which does a neat job of looking truly great.

Casio Sheen

Casio Sheen


But if you have chosen to go with floral prints or vivid colors, like Queen Rania of Jordan, then you could choose a watch that goes the opposite way, with Marc Jacobs Women’s Fergus MBM1388.

Marc Jacobs Women's Fergus

Marc Jacobs Women’s Fergus


Which brings us to designer names – DiscountShop has a huge collection of the top designer watches and truly, you will be spoilt for choice. Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Cartier, Chanel – just some of the designer brands we carry. Here again, you can invest in a top notch designer watch for yourself or go with the ‘non-designer’ names too. Indira Gandhi, erstwhile Prime Minister of India was known for her very traditional, non-designer sarees too.


One very popular designer brand is Gucci and when you look at the Gucci Women’s Timeless YA126505, you will know why you have to take a Gucci home with you!

Gucci Women's Timeless

Gucci Women’s Timeless


One of the most intriguing instances of power dressing was Clara Gaymard, head of GE, France wearing a very biker style leather jacket for a meeting with the French President. Super luxurious leather is just the right touch for a powerful woman and you have to look at our leather straps as well. Simply choose the ‘Bracelet Material’ option in our search filters for watches. But right now, take a look at the Fossil Women’s Chelsey ES3523.

Fossil Women's Chelsey

Fossil Women’s Chelsey


Yes, at the end of the day, the choice of ‘powerful’ watches is yours and only yours to make. Being aware of your sense of style and comfort and the impression you can make goes a long way in giving you the innate strength of power and this will give you the freedom of choice as well. So go right ahead and exercise that powerful freedom on our watch wares.

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