Bedat – Beloved Of Many Women
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It does seem rather unfair that women have it good, real good, when it comes to allure. The bewitching flash of lustrous eyes can be hidden behind a cascade of hair. Beautiful smiles can be even more enchanting with the right shade of lipsticks. Beguiling charm can pave the way to so many things. And a feminine wrist highlighted by the right watch can be rather befitting too.


Oh yes, it has to be in the letters ‘BE’ that starts most of the adjectives in that opening para of this article! That would be one way of describing the utterly captivating charm that Bedat holds when it comes to timepieces for women who love the touch of superlative luxury on their skin.


Bedat and Company is a Swiss brand and has done things differently and amazingly. Interestingly enough, the company is not old or vintage by Swiss watch companies standards. It was founded in the year 1996 by Simone Bédat who decided to create timepieces that were luxurious but meant for a woman who is busy! This unique design philosophy meant that every timepiece radiated traditional Swiss Technology and design but were also extraordinary in their looks.






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This rather unique company also stood out because in a traditionally male dominated industry, Simone Bédat not only designed timepieces but started a brand that was aimed exclusively at women. Simone Bédat was also the co-founder of Raymond Weil and her professional expertise in the area of watch production started when she was just 17.









From its powerful beginnings in Geneva, Switzerland, Bedat has now encompassed the world with a strong presence in regions such as China, Japan, USA, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia –to name just a few. It is her son, Christian Bedat, who heads the company today and continues to do things and look at watch designing from an extremely special perspective. After all, he does have a huge legacy to sustain!


Bedat does not come up with big, dazzling names for its watch collections either. They are just Collection N1, N2, N3, N7 and Collection N8. Yes, there is one particular collection of watches that is titled Extravaganza and oh does it ever deserve this name! Each collection of watches is marked because of their case shapes.


N1 is all about square cases while oval cases belong to the N2 series. The very unique tonneau cases have been clubbed under the Collection N3 umbrella and N7 is about rectangular shapes. The round cushion cases have gone into the N8 series. And the Extravaganza? This is where haute joaillerie designs replete with diamonds come to roost.


Interestingly enough, the ‘number names’ of the watches have a lot of significance. 8, for instance, is in the logo of Bedat and Co. No.3 was the first ever clock produced by the company and the number itself denotes faultlessness. Thus, in this company’s case, numbers are indeed a mark of the style of a woman who wants to be stylish in a timeless manner and not just trendy for a day or two.


The list of Bedat brand ambassadors is also typical of its attitudes to women. There is a contemporary figurative artist in the mix – Eleanor Cardozo, designers and supermodels like Kimora Lee Simmons and Yolanda Foster and a Mezzo Soprano – Carly Paoli.


Bedat Women's Classic

Bedat Women’s Classic


DiscountShop now has Bedat for your shopping pleasure. Classic watches from the N8 collection – Bedat Women’s Classic 827.011.600 and Bedat Women’s Classic 828.011.600 are available and there are plenty more to come as well. Bedat delivers on its promise of ‘Crafted timepieces for the discerning woman. Bedat is the Way to BE.

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