Being less astute about things
Authored by: Sean  

Here are a few confessions – I do not have a smart watch. I do not communicate via Bluetooth. I have just about discovered the world of e-books and my claim to technological fame is that I have a smart phone and laptop that allows me to do smart work. No, I am not anti-technology but I do find it ridiculous that wearable technology is making its presence felt everywhere. And sometimes in a really funny, ha ha funny way!


My first inkling that not all is normal with the world was when I was making all the right gestures and smiles in response to an individual who I thought was talking to me. Only when he stopped, got this mischievous smile of understanding on his face and then pointed to his Bluetooth device on his ear, that I realized that I did not know him from Adam.


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Wearable technology seems to have taken on some immensely exciting avatars. Smart phones, smart watches, smart people and just overall smartness everywhere. Take smart watches for instance. Is not it exciting that your watch can tell you that you have an email waiting for your attention? But, in order to see what needs to be done, you need to actually peer into your wrist. It would be rather funny to look at people speaking into their wrist in real life. It looks really super in Hollywood movies where the federal agents are talking into the wrists but am not very sure how it would look with ordinary people!


Today, a smartwatch is just an extension of the smart phone. It does not seem to be doing anything fabulously different. But what if the makers introduce new functionality tomorrow? Say, if the watch can take your body temperature. Can you imagine how funny it would be to look at people clasping their watch to the forehead and waiting for it to read their vital signs? How about if the watch could be paired with another watch to find out if 2 people are going to be compatible? Would there be a little cable that connects one watch with the other and two individuals wait and see what their smart watches are going to tell them?




If a smartwatch would be capable of full-fledged telephone conversations tomorrow, imagine people walking about with their wrists stuck to their ears and moving it from ear to mouth to complete a conversation. Unless you are a complete geek and a nerd rolled into one, wearing smart watches may not be something that comes naturally.


Smart watches may not always be the natural choice for a ‘non-technological’ human being (yes, such as me). Plus, I also feel that there are plenty of devices that surround me on an everyday basis. I do not need another watch to remind me to pick up milk or check my email or even tell me what my friends are up to on Facebook. So, why would I need yet another device that is sending redundant information my way?


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So, my confessions aside, I really do wonder whether a smart person would settle for a smart watch. It may be a talking point, a conversation piece, at best. It may also be something that you enjoy wearing because it gives you some unique functions. But please do remember that it may also get you to do some rather ridiculous things such as talking into your wrist and confusing the bejesus out of people like me!

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