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Authored by: Sean  

A lot of people have turned to various kinds of electronic devices to read books. Now this is indeed extremely convenient. You can carry a hundred books, maybe more. You need not carry a separate bookmark! As long as you have battery charge, you can read virtually anywhere, anytime. I have always tried to read books in the e-format. Sometimes I have succeeded. Most times I have not. But regardless of the “kind” of book reader you are, if you read, you live.


Live a life that is somehow better because you know who Tweedledum and Tweedledee are. Because for some reason, an obscure novel called Rascal Money by Joseph Garber is your eternal favorite. Because you think it is a huge betrayal to think that the movies Godfather were anywhere as fascinating as the books Godfather.


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All the above three books also, in some form or other were extremely time-centric. Whether it was that adorable rabbit and his fob in Alice in Wonderland. Or the fact that a huge business deal falls into place simply because of a time difference in Rascal Money. And Godfather was all about the passage of time and how it can shape a dynasty’s destiny. So are there other books that you can think of? Where one of the heroes, if you can call it that, is Time? How about Michael Crichton’s Timeline? Time travel books are great fun and Timeline is no different! Somewhere in the story line you also discover that you are taking in a lot; a loooooot; of history, quantum technology and physics at large.


Michael Crichton Timeline

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Speaking of time travel, there has to be a mention of Audrey Nifnegger and her book, The Time Traveler’s Wife. Whether you treat it as a metaphor to the author’s own romantic life or as a book which has a man disappearing every now and then into some other dimension, this book is deeply meaningful. There is overwhelming love, earth-shaking hope and indomitable human will in this book.



























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A while earlier, we dwelt on the theories of time and wondered about how time came to be. Even as theories on time can be pretty esoteric, there is Sean Michael Carroll, Ph.D. Carroll communicates in science, pretty much the way you and I communicate in English. His book called From Eternity to Here will slowly draw you into a vortex of amazing concepts and understandings and thoughts. Getting inexorably changed because of the arrow of time is bound to happen with this book.


Books can change our lives for the better, get us thinking, entertain us, allow us to strike up friendships and perhaps even divest ourselves of people we do not need. Giving in to a book on your e-device or wrapping yourself in the warm sheets of a book – ah now that’s something for all eternity indeed.

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