Catalogs are the way to shop!
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What would life be without an easy shopping guide! Especially when special events like Mother’s Day come along, you know that you have to get the best deals possible. At we make it a point to give you the same too. Here is another reason to look out for fabulous deals when you go online shopping.


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We have always believed that online shopping gives you the best of everything – convenience, comfort, and choice. When it comes to choice, wouldn’t life be so much fun if you had access to all the best possible catalogs? Whether it is Staples or Sears, Aldi or RadioShack, you can pick up some amazing products while getting great deals. Another option is Tiendeo.

Tiendeo is a website and app which allows users to find catalogs, coupons, deals and store information in their area. The app groups together all the deals from retailers in a particular area and locates them on the map. Users can then click through to browse the catalogs, deals and store information from stores in their vicinity directly from the map.

Tiendeo is simple to use and it works like any other search: choose your city, type in which retailer you’re looking for and Tiendeo will present all the current deals and coupons available in your neighborhood. Users can also search for products within the catalogs. So, if for example you search ”Smartphone’, all the catalogs containing deals on Smartphones will be listed, already open at the right page. And when you find a deal you like, you can use the map to locate your nearest store. The retailers are also sorted into various categories (Fashion, Electronics, Jewelry, etc.) so leisurely browsing of all the latest deals and catalogs in your area is another option. Tiendeo sorts and displays the catalogs, coupons and deals according to the period of validity and the distance to the nearest store. Visit their website or even better – download their app and you are good to go!


Oh yes, time is indeed of the essence here so getting hold of the best deals possible is all about availing the coupons and offers within a few days. Happy Shopping and celebrate Mother’s Day in a spectacular way!



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