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A watch is no bigger than your wrist. And well, it should not be, considering that it is technically called a wristwatch! However, it goes a long way in describing your personality and that is exactly why getting the right watch is important. One of the best ways to figure out if a watch is right for you is by checking out how it would look on you. Better still is to know what your favourite celebrity is wearing to emulate them in the best possible way!


An avid watch enthusiast gets excited by the introduction of a new kind of technology in the watch world. You might like the fact that General Norman Schwarzkopf wore a Seiko at all times during the Gulf War. He wore two watches set to two different time zones – Saudi Arabian Time and the Seiko for Eastern Standard Time.


Seiko watches combine elegance and functionality without the complexity of extravagant movements in a simple case. Better still, if you are looking to own a bit of history on your wrist and flaunt off the beauty of the watch, go for one of the Tissot timepieces on Discountshop. Sure, you may not be able to get the one that Nelson Mandela wears but the thought of having the same taste as him ought to be inspiring.

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Hamilton can also extend to the tunes of Elvis Presley who was known to have been a long time fan of the brand. The Discountshop collection for Hamilton watches ranges from chronographs to the multi-functional line, which will definitely inspire awe.


Now, for the adventurous ones. Get a Victorinox ST4000, the same one that Will Smith ported during his fights against zombies in one of the best flicks of all time! The brand was also featured on Jake Gyllenhaal’s wrist in the movie Limitless, embodying the true sense of a watch that has no restrictions.

Look below and find out what Dave thinks of the various Hamilton watches offered by us.

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