Complete man…?
Authored by: Sean  

I love seeing her smile…reminds me of the burst of tiny little flowers on granny’s kitchen window. I could gaze at them for hours and feel the love enveloping me. She smiles like a baby in her sleep, the rising sun kissing her soft hair. And then there is the crooked smile just before she kisses me! There is no truth beyond this space, at least not for another few minutes when I will have to step back into the world. I quietly get out of the bed and look at the look Maria has lovingly put together for me for the day! I have often told her not to bother but I secretly think she loves to make me look a certain way, especially on days we have had a discussion. Today is not a supremely important day, but I am flying out for a meeting for two days. Perhaps she wants me to look the way she likes me?

While tying the tie, my eyes fall on the Burberry City she has discreetly put on top of my other watches, almost urging me to wear it. I imagine her smiling once again and slip on the Gunmetal-plated stainless steel piece she had gifted me on my birthday last month. I feel the smooth cold surface and recall her telling me how my eyes reflected the same steely sleek strength. As I look in the mirror, I realize it’s a beautiful match to my grey business suit I should have chosen myself for the breakfast meeting on the seafront. A perfect ensemble yet again by my little creative genius who loves in style!



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