Cooking and time
Authored by: Monica  

Growing up, I never really was part of the kitchen at home! I was not too keen on learning to chop, cook, sauté, simmer and so on. And now, when I have to cook something, I turn to my collection of cook books or the internet and find a recipe which I follow diligently.


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Since I am not a “natural cook”, I have to rely on painfully exact measurements, timing and other things quantifiable. It is also strange that I remember my grandmother paying absolutely no heed to things like measurements. For her, it was always a question of sight, aroma and a “feeling” that the food was right or wrong!


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Whichever method of cooking you choose, there is absolutely no doubt that timing is extremely critical when it comes to cooking. Whether you think that a stew should be simmered for 15 minutes or you simply peer into the pot and decide that it is done, the result should be a delicious dish. Professional chefs talk about the importance of timing and even include aspects such as resting meat in order to get fabulous results.


The world of food is indeed amazing. Modern science, traditional techniques, newly discovered foods and experimental combinations – all of them go into making today’s cuisines all over the world. Take for instance the work done by Heston Blumenthal. It is almost like he is working in a science lab rather than kitchen. The use of liquid nitrogen to produce gourmet ice cream is a rather revolutionary idea indeed. Whether you like the results or not is a different question altogether!
























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Speaking of molecular gastronomy, one restaurant that simply must be talked about is elBulli in Catalonia, Spain. The superstar chef here is Ferran Adrià. Depending on what you read about it you will come across objectives such as controversial, experimental, creative and ambitions.



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These are truly amazing adjectives to be applied to food! But the reputation is well deserved. Imagine asking questions such as, “Is a dining room necessary?” Here the concept of time is simply used to come up with an unforgettable dining experience.  The world awaits the reopening of this restaurant in 2014.


There is another aspect of the connection between cooking and time. Very often, time spent in the kitchen is linked with intimacy and family time. For instance, if you were to bake something really simple and get your kids to help you mix the batter, you will probably remember the entire experience for the time that you spend together, even if the result was a less than desirable cake. Whipping up a simple dish for your loved one or friends can become such a joyous experience indeed.



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Food, kitchens, experiments and successes and failures in the culinary department – all of them are part of the stories of our growing up. As long as we eat, cooking will always be an integral part of our lives in the future too.



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