Creativity – intelligence having fun
Authored by: Sean  

Oh how I wish I could lay claim to coming up with that description of creativity. But to Albert Einstein I must defer, respectfully. How interesting and entertaining to think that you can have fun with intelligence and come up with something that is creative. To play with ideas, concepts and information and create such a unique and even simple ‘something’ that changes the way everyone else sees the world. If you were to look at some of the people and how they have changed the world because of their ability to think creatively, it is truly legendary.


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Dr.Seuss encourages you to “think left and think right….low and high” and ends by saying, “Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”. Gives new meaning to thinking out of the box! Everybody needs the right ingredients when it comes to creativity. Some of the important ones that I can think of are – inspiration, courage, knowledge, imagination and a lack of self-consciousness. Unfortunately, not all of us are born equal or get the opportunity to collect all these ‘ingredients’. So, is one born with the creative gene? Or can you go after inspiration “with a club”, as Jack London said?


Can creativity be taught? Or is it something woven into your genetic fabric? There is plenty of business sense in having the power of creative thought. After all, people like Steve Jobs and Cecil B.DeMille became icons because they also epitomized creative thought. So, can you learn creativity so you can become more relevant to your organization? On the one hand you have institutions such as the International Center for Studies in Creativity which has been studying and imparting creative thought since the year 1967. On the other hand, there is the thought that only skills can be taught – not creativity. But those skills can help you come up with a truly exceptional or ingenious product.


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For decades, the conversation between the right and left hemispheres of the brain has raged mightily. Then there is the interesting concept of lizard brain which is one of the reasons why people do contradictory things! Perhaps the trick is to work on the corpus callosum! Why not harness all that you know – whether it is from the left or right side of the brain – into a super confluence of thoughts and ideas? Can it be taught? Well, sure! After all, if thinking can be trained into a process then it can be channeled into all the right things. Whether it is the 6-hat thinking or free form thought or going with the Wallis model of creative process, most of us can come up with fabulous thought! And when you have fun because you have worked at gathering the right intelligence, you know you have harnessed the power of lateral thinking.

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