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Authored by: Sean  

At my local supermarket, I have always noticed 2 kinds of shoppers. One has a shopping list and a pencil/pen in her or his hand. Items are found with steely eyed focus and ticked off the list as things get placed in the shopping cart. The other kind meanders through the aisles, looks through the various options and then picks up many things, seemingly at random. Well, the supermarket caters for both these people. There is immensely helpful signage, announcements from some friendly person over the PA system and even standees and posters to catch your eye.




All of it applies to online shopping too! Websites have to rely on easy navigation and sophisticated design principles to ensure that the customer finds the right product. The tech part of web design may be extraordinarily intricate but the end result is simple user interface. Take for instance. There are thousands of watch brands and other products stocked on our virtual shelves.


But if you want a blue women’s watch, you will find it in 3 clicks (of the mouse) and in less than a minute (depending on your speed of internet connection). You can then get even more specific with your choice with succeeding clicks – green strap, square dial, leather strap, mechanical movement and so on.


Of course this navigation process is for the “to-the-list” shopper. Websites also need to cater to the “take-my-time” shopper! So there are features such as blogs, product descriptions and even an ‘About Us’ section that make interesting reading material should you wish to get to know the seller better before making a purchase. But one thing for sure, the ‘road signs’ and easy maneuverability have to be there for this category of shopper too. This may come in the form of daily deals as well.





Typically, websites, especially ecommerce websites, make it easy for the customer to shop, being respectful of your time. From checking out the products, reading about it, offering unique features such as Try It On and then finally the checkout and payment process – a shopper can be done in less than 5 minutes. The focus is the product and how it can be a great buy or the right fit for the shopper.  Don’t like what you see? Simply click on the next product or maybe recommendations or suggestions of similar products offered by the website.


Truly, whether your shopping style is ultra-riveted on your list or you like to check the wares – web designers have taken care of you already!

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