Diesel Mr. Daddy SBA DZ7125, DZ7254 and DZ7279
Authored by: Dave  

Hi everyone and welcome to DiscountShop. Here we have for you three Diesel Mr. Daddy SBA (Super Badass) watches. They come in with an instructional manual in this white Diesel box. Let’s start with the DZ7125.As you can see here, there are 4 different time viewing options. Time 1 here at the bottom is a digital option. These small push buttons on the left and right allow you to set the time. Secondly you have Time 2 here which is a chronograph option. You have the start and stop buttons here, and the crown here. These crowns are tightly put together, so it will take some getting used to initially.


The date window is at the traditional 3’o clock position which can be adjusted by using the biggest pull out crown. Lastly you have two analog options in Time 3 and 4. Time 3 can be adjusted by using the crown here on the left hand side though Time 4 seems a little hard not only to read, but to set as well. The DZ7125 comes with a standard buckle attached to a genuine leather strap. Taking a look at the case back, we have the familiar Super Bad Ass logo that Diesel has become famous for with some other feature information.


Diesel Mr. Daddy DZ7125


The watch is equipped with a hardened mineral and has a water resistance of 30M. (Using DZ7254) With a case size of 65 x 57mm, this over-sized dial is undeniably for a specific target market. You would not be seeing this in any corporate setting for sure. But then again, this is not a traditional watch by any means. The DZ7254 has all the same features and comes with 4 time viewing options. This watch is completely black from head to toe. The strap here is a nice ceramic strap with this deployment push button clasp.

 Diesel Mr. Daddy DZ7254


Lastly here we have the DZ7279. The case back is stainless steel with the very appealing red and steel look. The strap has this visual steel on the side. The color combinations in this win my bet. Taking a look at these watches in the dark, we can see there is very little to null illumination. To check out more Diesel watches, head to and thank you for watching.


Diesel Mr. Daddy DZ7279




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