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The world of watches is seeing a massive number of features being introduced. The era of smartwatches is here to stay and it is not just the techies or the geeks who will sport such devices. Between brands such as Pebble, Samsung and even Emopulse, the market space for watches is getting immensely creative. has the hugely popular Pebble to offer its customers today. Could the future bring watches with hitherto unforeseen functions?


Could a watch of the future be capable of projecting time and other information in a holographic image a la Star Trek. A little screen would pop up above the watch and allow people to view and switch through all the data.


Perhaps there will also be an invisible watch. Shake your wrist in a particular way and the watch will disappear from the wrist. A good way to switch off from the world and get off a time table.


Diving watches may come fitted with under water cameras and inflatable devices. So if a diver needs to ascend quickly, all he needs to do is press the crown and a floatation device will pull him up.


Going on a date may become easier if you have a smartwatch strapped on to your wrist. Point it; discretely; at your first-time date and the device will use biometrics and imaging to tell you whether the man is Mr.Right or whether you should simply run away.


How about watches which are capable of being paired to other devices via Bluetooth. Walk into a crowded place and you can check out potential friends and the presence of people that you know too.


About has more than 40 leading watch brands and more than 1500 tangible timepieces to offer to their customers. In order to make it easy for customers to purchase their watches, the online retailer offers video reviews, 3600 views of products, detailed technical specifications and a unique ‘Try It On’ feature. The watches are all 100% authentic and brand new. All the products come in original packaging. There are also backed by a seller’s warranty.


Contact can be contacted via email, phone and address:


Phone: +1 212 2030519

Address:PO Box 8089, Stamford CT 06905-8089, USA.



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