Equality, In So Many Ways
Authored by: Sean  

When a girl slips into her man’s T-shirt or his shirt, chances are pretty high that the guy appreciates it immensely! Somehow, the image of a woman casually wearing a man’s shirt or a suit is pretty stylish, to put it mildly.


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But somehow, when a man slips into his woman’s dress, it just does not have the same effect! I wonder if the male gender can start talking about discrimination!

But the one world that will not let men down, and for that matter women too, is the world of wrist watches. There are quite a few watches which are supposed to be worn by women but can, rather stylishly, be carried off by men as well.

For instance, the Burberry City BU1390 is a vision in checks.

Though it is labelled as a women’s watch, men can certainly strap this on as well.  It will certainly result in a rather classic and vintage kind of look!

Similarly, there is the Casio Baby-G BGA-133-1B.

It brings together some fabulous colors and design as well and yes, it is meant for the feminine wrist, but would look pretty nice on a guy as well!

So is the converse also true? Can women wear watches that actually are made for the masculine wrist? For sure they can!

Take a look at the super delicious colors on the Diesel Analog DZ1090!



Yes, it is a men’s watch. But honestly, not too many women can resist those deep chocolate brown looks now can they!

The world of business today is populated by women travelling the globe. So indeed a watch that is packed with features such as world time and chronograph can certainly be a handy thing to have around. The Citizen Chronograph World Time AT0360-50L, a men’s watch, would look super cool on a woman too!

Actually, the world is seeing the blurring of gender and other divides on quite a few aspects.

Acceptance of somebody who is different is also becoming pretty commonplace and easier in quite a few instances.

Take the concept of pride. Even though the dictionary defines it as a feeling of pleasure because of one’s own achievements, in the larger context, it has come to be inextricably linked with Gay pride.


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Plenty of places see the rainbow colored flag fluttering proudly as people walk in LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) pride parades.


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And why not? Why skulk in the shadows just because an individual is of a different orientation from others? Somewhere in the future, such things, hopefully, should not even matter.

At the end of the day if we all connect because we are citizens of one Earth………… ah what a beautiful time that would be.

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