Even The World Is On Time With Fedex
Authored by: Sean  

42 years ago, Frederick W.Smith used $4 million which was his inheritance and founded a small business called Federal Express. Today, we know this company as FedEx, which uses the iconic slogan of ‘The world on time’. The story of FedEx is an amazing one indeed and the numbers speak for the growth that this logistics company has gone through. Today FedEx has


* Revenues at $ 42.7 billion

* offices all over the world

* net income of $ 2.03 billion and

* more than 300,000 employees.

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As a corporation, FedEx has its presence in supply chain, aircrafts and many components of the logistics industry. This is one of the biggest reasons why FedEx is ranked among the top 3 when it comes to logistics and courier services.


Probably one of the biggest factors behind the success of FedEx is the constant emphasis on strategic vision. This has led the company to diversify into trade networks and the information industry itself. In fact, looking at the organizational structure of this corporation makes for some extremely interesting reading indeed. It seems like the company has specialized in extremely niche services.


Look closely at the next FedEx truck or flight that you see and you can see product and service differentiations in many different ways. FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Custom Critical and FedEx Office are just some of them. Each of them looks at providing focused service. For instance, FedEx Express looks at overnight deliveries within the USA. FedEx SmartPost looks at serving e-retailers and has an alliance with the United States Postal Service. FedEx Custom Critical offers exclusive use vehicles for companies that have critical cargo.


Probably no other logistics company can lay claim to such a well-diversified organizational structure. It may be because of this depth and breadth of service, that FedEx has been able to carry some extremely unique consignments all over the world. Animal lovers will really love FedEx. The company has carted around giant pandas, sea otters, sea turtle eggs, rhinoceros and even daffodils destinations all over the world! FedEx has the carrying capacity to take care of massive payloads as well.


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Is not it interesting to note that FedEx was responsible for carrying humanitarian aid to regions such as the Sichuan province and Dominican republic? FedEx has also carried the spirit of liberty bell and a Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter. Now that is truly amazing!


As corporations in the courier business go, FedEx has been able to make a massive space for itself simply because of its well diversified corporate structure. Reaching the world on time? Now, that’s a given if you go with FedEx.

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