Evocative Accessories
Authored by: Sean  

Isn’t it interesting to note how people can react in very different ways to the things they wear? I know of a lot of people who wear clothes which are primarily citrus shades simply because it makes them feel upbeat!

In much the similar way, quite a lot of people choose accessories because they evoke a certain emotional response in them too. The human brain has come up with a word for it as well – anthropomorphism. It simply means that we go about bestowing human attributes to inanimate objects. A pen is never simply a pen when you love fine writing instruments is it not? There are plenty of people who cherish the pens they have been gifted by their fathers. Personally speaking, my father’s lips pursed in disapproval spurred me on to “clean up” my handwriting.



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So when he gave me his pen for my 14th birthday (yes, took me a long time to meet with his approval!) I knew that it would always lie on my table as a constant reminder to “not write like a drunken spider”. Another accessory that seems to bring about plenty of emotional responses in people is the wristwatch. Almost every element of the watch seems to have the power to elicit an emotional response. Color, material of the strap, brand, metal and even the numbers on the dial – just some of the things that people pay attention to and either like or dislike. People respond most obviously to color! We have plenty of people buying a particular color simply because it is their favorite or is the favorite color of the person who is being gifted the watch!

So would you like to buy a Juicy Couture Women’s Taylor simply because it reminds you of your favorite flower – hollyhock or maybe a geranium?


A rose gold watch always makes me feel calm. Take the Nixon Player A140 All Rose Gold, for instance. It seems to have a frank face and radiates calmness!



Which brings me to the material that goes into making a watch. A lot of people tell us that a stainless steel watch strap reminds them of the timepieces that have graced the wrists of their grandparents! For some people, this is a good thing while others may prefer the contemporary appeal of a polycarbonate case.

So would you like the old world charm of a Burberry Men’s Heritage?

Or would the contemporary charisma of the Guess Women’s Spectrum Plastic be your style?

Interestingly, there are a lot of us who love the pure appeal of something old world like stainless steel but don’t want to come across as “fuddy duddy”. Of course, stainless steel can be fabulously stylish too. Take a look at the Christian Van Sant Women’s Delicate!



So, the next time you are buying a watch, would it not be interesting to check what emotional frame of mind you are in while deciding which watch is right for you! Just as you choose clothes of a certain color, make sure your watch helps your state of mind as well!


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