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Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” She is right you know, because she is the epitome of a powerful woman for me.


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Speaking of power, I also do love that inimitable lady, Coco Chanel. What a fabulous business sense she had!


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Fashion, to me, came out of being something intangible to something that every well-dressed woman and powerful woman should take into account.

So yes, attention to clothes, hair, nails, teeth, eyes, perfumes and accessories is all par for the course on an every day basis.

Style is indeed my best friend. It gets me ready for daily life, for my office and for all the evening parties that I attend. And if there is one accessory that completes me (thank you Jerry Maguire) then it has to be my wrist watch.


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And yes, I do have a huge collection! If Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life, for me, the same adage applies to my wristwatch. I do try out different watches from my collection and make a choice when it all comes together.

My favorites? My wrist watches that have been created by some fabulous designers. And I do have some favorite guys in this space!

When I don my business woman avatar, then it is all about power dressing. Whether it is pencil slim skirts or a silk top and trousers, I will top off the look with my Michael Kors Runway Chronograph MK5162. I love it for its gunmetal finish and the fact that it goes with almost all my outfits.

There is a sense of ‘clean lines’ about this watch that I love. But I can certainly give the lines a complete miss when I am at an office party and at that time, it simply has to be the Michael Kors Runway Twist MK3131 for me!

Speaking of revelries, I do love my time at the disco or the pub or simply meeting up with all my friends and having a great time. And a well-dressed girl will always know that Tommy Hilfiger simply has to be the man that you party with!

Since I wear a lot of color I love the joie de vivre of the Tommy-Hilfiger Gracie 1781247. Its white, it has got bling and it always seems to put me under the spotlight!



Of course life comes alive on the weekends also and sometimes it is simply about relaxing at home or stepping out for some shopping.

And yes, Marc-Jacobs completes my look. I love the cute size of the Marc-Jacobs Henry Dinky MBM1234! It can be found on my wrist when there is no other watch on it!

And sometimes my little watch makes way for the Marc-Jacobs Henry MBM3106 too! I love this watch because it is easy on the eye and I never get bored telling time!

I love the sheer energy of the Marc-Jacobs Rock Chrono MBM2575 when I go running!

One look at my faithful blue watch and I know I have to go the extra distance.

I choose my watches simply because of the way they make me feel. I would not choose a watch that does not resonate with me. So style, features and fashion trends – they all go into making my watch choices for me!

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