Future of the Wrist Watch !
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Since ages humans are known for their desire to stand apart from the crowd and while doing so they intend to change their attire. A variety of different accessories were designed and developed centuries back to fulfill this ongoing desire. Watches were one of them. Watch, a timekeeping device evolved more as a stylish, suitable and handy accessory to keep up with time. The foundation of timekeeping device was set long back in history in ancient Egypt which sooner evolved as a pocket watch in 1524 when Peter Henlein created first pocket watch. Pocket watches became popular form of utility and style. Men and women started carrying pocket watches hung by pendant chains on their garments. The development of different versions of watches was ongoing and in 1868 Patek Philippe developed first wristwatch. It was a revolutionary change in the world of watches and sooner it got adapted worldwide.


The revolution of wrist watches took the momentum to create exceptional forms of wristwatches.  But today is the world of evolving technology where every single day we see new things emerging. As timekeeping is an inbuilt and inevitable feature of every electrical gadget designed and developed today, people opt to see time on any of their smart phone or technical gadget then wearing a wrist watch. But does that ever mean that wrist watches are disappearing? No, that can’t be true because the era of smart wrist watches has set in and smart watches technology is in no way lagging behind the technology used in making smart phones.


Large technical giants are coming up with an idea of developing wrist watch that is combination of not only a conventional watch but also include the features of some of the most technically sound gadgets like PDA, IPod, cell phone, video players, GPS device and even digital cameras. All features of a great gadget can now be had on the wrist and that is what we call smart watches. With the invention of products like Pebble watches developed by Pebble Technologies and released in 2013, one can fulfill the desire of having all the features of iPhone and Android technology by just connecting to internet through Bluetooth and enjoying the work-ability of receiving messages, phone calls, emails and social networking on wristwatch. Google Glass, a similar kind of product launched by Google is all about enjoying world through eyeglasses. It have features of digital camera, voice recorder, sharing, GPS, messaging and web.


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The advent of technology depicts that new generation will shift to electrical gadgets for timekeeping, but in anyways that won’t be the end of wristwatch era. Rather it would be revolutionary beginning of a new era where wristwatches will be considered prestigious and unmatched piece of accessories just like pocket watches nowadays. They will have a more profound standing in the market because they won’t be considered less than an armlet worn as a fashion accomplice. Even though it serves the purpose of timekeeping, it would more be in demand as a precious symbol of style.

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