Fuzzy Technology
Authored by: Sean  

Technology can never really be chaotic is not it? By its very nature, technology is all about being process oriented and logical. But a few decades ago, the world saw the rise of fuzzy technology of fuzzy logic. Way back in the year 1965, fuzzy logic was applied to quite a large number of fields.


For me though, the term ‘fuzzy’ gets associated with warmth, intimacy, comfort and a sense of familiarity and bonhomie. Of course technology can result in this warm and fuzzy feeling! But it really does depend on the device that we are talking about. The world has seen the progress of time from pocket watches to smart watches. But with today’s gadget glutted world it sometimes becomes a little difficult to find true connectedness.


A smart watch is a great piece of technology but can it inspire that wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling in you? Of course the answers will vary vastly but truly, a wristwatch will never ever have that automaton feel to it. You can never read your emails on a traditional wristwatch. You will not be able to keep track of your calorie intake. You will also not be able to change its display. But one thing for sure, the wristwatch is a literal representation of the term ‘fuzzy’ technology!


There is certain sense of intimacy and relationship that you can develop with your wristwatch. You can find the perfect timepiece for several occasions in your life. You can never really go wrong gifting a watch for a particular achievement or event. You can also switch between watches for various activities.


So, if you want a dress watch, looking for something with a bit of oomph in terms of color or the addition of crystals can be the right way to go. Tell me if your smart watch can look as smart as a Michael Kors Men’s Hawthorne MK8393. With its slim rose gold markers and luxurious leather bracelet, this watch can be worn confidently to the best of events.




The Cartier Women’s Ronde Solo W6700155 is a dress watch that allows you to read time in the 12 hour and 24 hour format! The signature crown is another reason why this watch gains points in the looks department.




Diving into some water is a fabulous way to spend time this summer. The chances are pretty high that you will have to remove your high-tech smart watch before doing so. But what if you need to tell time underwater or simply have a comforting presence on hand? Literally! A watch such as the Seiko Divers SRP307K1 will certainly be this close confidante!




Let us take sports. Whether you are playing or watching a game on television, it is great to do it with friends. Team sports are all about pulling together and the sense of on field camaraderie gets extended off the field as well. And a watch such as the Guess Sporty Chronograph W0016L5 simply means that a woman can celebrate all the energy of sports in an extremely stylish manner!







Honestly, even with all the smart technology that goes into the making of a fitness band – I, for one, cannot see it looking as good as this wristwatch! A watch such as the Suunto Ambit2 R With HR Belt SS020658000 has a very clean appeal to it. It surely makes sports even more interesting.























Wristwatches can easily give you that warm fuzzy feeling because there is a sense of connection that they foster. Let the watches of DiscountShop help create a wonderful relationship for you!

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