Gifting Your Mom Something Fabulous !
Authored by: Sean  

Working out exactly how important your mom is in your life can be put into some perspective with the words of Milton Berle, “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?”

The life of almost any mother is constantly full of gazillion things to do and most of these gazillion things are for their children.

So if you look back on your childhood and have a distinct memory of your mom being everywhere, being able to see everything, being able to do everything and loving you every time, it is indeed time to give her back some more love, come Mother’s Day.

So what do you give a woman who can work magic, almost effortlessly? Flowers, chocolates, spa coupons, aprons and recipe books? For sure, if you do not want to continue being her favorite child! Don’t get me wrong, they are good gifts, but why settle for good when you can be great!

Jewelry? Ah yes, now we’re talking. Every woman loves tasteful jewelry. So you can get her a jewel tone watch, a pair of earrings, or a necklace. Or maybe even a bracelet.


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But try and make it special. For instance, why not a charm bracelet with a whole bunch of charm replicas of her favorite stuff? Make it a vintage brooch or a necklace with her birthstone. Or multiple strings of pearls?

Generosity is probably one of the things that you associate with your mom. So why not think of making a huge donation to her favorite charity? You could also buy her accessories like wristwatches too because many of the designers and makers of watches like Michael Kors, Marc-Jacobs and Calvin Klein support social causes such as breast cancer, domestic abuse and so on.

If your mom really has been the rock of your life, maybe you could check out the Marc-Jacobs Rock. Hey here is a thought – if your mom is called Amy, then why not the Marc-Jacobs Amy?!


If your mom’s style of parenting has been minimal in terms of interference and maximum in terms of performance and love, then there is the magnificently created Calvin Klein Appeal

Perfumes are a great gift to give any lady and considering the amazing variety of fragrances wafting through the markets, you can find something that will be completely correct for her signature style!

Here is another unusual thing to do – go shopping for antique things. Check out auctions at city hall or look around offbeat shops. You can find antique or vintage jewelry, furniture or other mementos and curios that she will love and cherish.

And yes, please do not forget to gift wrap your purchases! If you want to put an added special touch to it all, you could write all her favorite things (quotes, poems, words, maybe even your special messages, get your siblings to sign on etc. etc.) on a paper and use that as a gift wrap.

When you were little, your mom probably carried a tote stuffed with things for you! So why not get her a stylish bag now? Something like a Coach Penelope Signature Sateen Convertible?

So this Mother’s Day, show your lovely Mom she is special, in so many different ways. And make her feel like she did when you were her little and special baby!


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