GPS for the soul
Authored by: Monica  

Given the massive increase in complications and sophistication of watches, it is par for the course to wear one that has a heart rate monitor, tachymeter, altimeter and even a watch that tells you about lunar phases. Perhaps one of the most intriguing features in a watch is a GPS. Outdoor adventure sports become extraordinarily interesting when you have the GPS feature on your wrist. While there is no denying that this feature is great and helps you find your way in the real world, will it not be interesting to dwell on the possibility of a GPS for your mental, intellectual or even spiritual world? How about thinking about a GPS for the soul?


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Many a time, we hear about how today’s world has become rather materialistic. How people do not seem to have time for each other. How smartphones and other gadgets seem to have come in the way of relationships. The other day, I was watching this video that exhorted people to look up from their smartphones. Is it true then that our souls need some kind of GPS? I would think the answer is a resounding yes. So what does a GPS for your soul entail? Some obscure lessons in philosophy or some inscrutable mantras and highfalutin talk? Actually, the answers, I think, lie in something simpler.


“Concepts” such as civic sense, simplicity, mindfulness, kindness and even fairness are the satellites that the GPS for the soul uses! If we can go through life with a sense of awareness of our surroundings then it would lead us to park our vehicles thoughtfully. It would ensure that we do not even drop a piece of paper by way of litter wherever we may go. It would also ensure that we make less noise! It does not take too much to be kind to one another. Maybe the next time you are at the checkout counter and you notice someone who has a fewer number of items than you, why not allow him or her to precede you?


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The next time you are spending time with your loved ones, try not to reach out to your smart phone or even smart watch too often. The gadget will always be there. But if you miss a particular poignant moment with your loved ones, it is never really going to come back. Having a GPS for your soul also will make you simpler. No, this does not mean giving up on everything that you like and want in life. It simply means that you are able to look at one another with attachment and the material possessions in your life with detachment. You will then not measure an individual by the brand names that he is sporting. Instead, it would be the simple connectivity between 2 human beings because they have something in common!


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Connectivity, networking and synchronization can take on a really new dimension when you are willing to look at the way your soul and your heart find their ways to connect with other human beings. A GPS is great indeed, especially when you have a watch with this feature! But when you allow your heart and your mind to find the right directions, then life takes on an immeasurably richer and more meaningful position.

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