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Sometimes it is difficult to say whether a brand saw the making of a nation or was a part of building it!  The Hamilton Watch Company was one man’s dream of making ‘only watches of the highest quality’. And this aim has stayed with the brand, while everything else changed. Hamilton’s is a 120 years long and eventful journey from Lancaster in the US to Biel the world capital of watchmaking in Switzerland.


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Hamilton watches embody the American spirit and Swiss technology. Sylvain Dolla, Hamilton International’s CEO says, “Even though we are Swiss-made, our American heritage is very important to us. We are very proud of this rich background, and we keep our American spirit—it is in our DNA.”

America went to two world wars with Hamilton watches! The first time in 1917, when Hamilton introduced its first wrist watch designed to appeal to men entering World War I. During World War II, Hamilton was successful in producing marine chronometers and deck watches in large numbers to fill the needs of the United States Navy, and other Allied navies as well.


The company was happy to stop production of consumer watches and produced Hamilton models 21 -22 for the Army and Navy.

Hamilton has survived its own wars and takeover bids, while it acquired companies to grow from strength to strength. In 1966, Hamilton acquired the Buren Watch Company in Switzerland, effectively changing the landscape of the brand for good. It was more a technology joint venture that fell apart when the demand did not grow to match supply. In 1969, for the first time in its history, Hamilton completely stopped its manufacturing operations in America and shifted them to the Buren factory in Switzerland.

The brand changed hands again in the 70s and then finally in 80s. Hamilton is presently a subsidiary of The Swatch Group Ltd. The brand wears its aviation heritage literally on the sleeve! The Hamilton range includes various aviation-inspired watches. The brand is also timekeeper to a variety of international aviation events and has Nicolas Ivanoff, the leading French aerobatic pilot as its ambassador.


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Pride, uniform, honor…each piece in Hamilton collection is a rich coming together of values that keep the world safe and secure. Explore Hamilton, explore the armed forces!

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