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Almost all watch brands have interesting stories to tell you. The Hamilton story is no different. Established in 1892 in Pennsylvania, this company started producing watches the very next year itself. Since that time, Hamilton has been part of every major event that America has been through. The railroad boom, World War I, World War II and so on. One of the biggest events in Hamilton history is the acquisition of the Swiss company called Buren Watch Company in 1966. This gave Hamilton the unique opportunity to produce American watches with Swiss technology.


A decade or so before this event, Hamilton made headlines for a different reason. In 1951, this company fought off a hostile takeover attempt from Benrus which allowed a landmark judgment in Federal anti-trust law to come through. Perhaps as a result of this limelight, Hamilton also started its association with Hollywood round about this time. Interestingly, the 1950s was when the fabulously famous Hollywood Freeway was being constructed.


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It is rather interesting to trace a part of the history of Hamilton illuminated by Hollywood’s glittering lights. Hamilton can draw up a strong association with Hollywood and the entertainment industry per se because it has featured in around 400 shows and movies. I am pretty certain that no other watch brand can lay claim to this large a number!























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It started with The Frogmen in 1951. It was all about underwater demolition teams where the Hamilton watch went through extreme tests too! Elvis was here! In the 1960s Blue Hawaii saw Presley wearing the Ventura. A watch that continues to be called the Elvis watch even today. 2001: A Space Odyssey is an interesting association for Hamilton because it produced a custom made watch for this movie in the year 1968. 1997 saw Anthony Hopkins in The Edge sporting a Hamilton pocket watch.

Hamilton does not always perform a serious role! In 2000, it laughed its way on to the wrist of Eddie Murphy in Nutty Professor. Paul Walker went Into the Blue armed with a Khaki Navy GMT. This was in the year 2005. Here is one of the Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT H77615833 for your viewing pleasure –


Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT H77615833




A super watch for a super hero? You got it – with Superman in 2006 which had watches such as the Khaki King, Linwood and Boulton going up, up and away.


Superman and Hamilton

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2010 saw Hilary Swank sporting a Khaki Field Automatic in Amelia.



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There are so many more movies where Hamilton has figured. Chain Reaction, Charlie’s Angels, Blood Diamond, Men in Black, I am Legend, Fantastic Four and Hairspray are just some of the names. Hamilton has shown up in movies made by the Russians and Chinese too. Well, if a company makes interesting watches, then it is bound to be in the movies right?


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