Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77616533
Authored by: Dave  

This watch has multiple features. The chronograph buttons are on the  left. The gleaming numbers as well as the half skeletal case back make this watch extremely aviation-centric.


Hi everyone and welcome to DiscountShop. Here we have for you a Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77616533. It should be known that X-Wind stands for cross wind. As you can see here, the crowns on the right help you move these 2 directional slide rolls, which help you measure cross winds. This is a Pilot’s watch by all means. You have a tachymeter on the outer bezel as well as two sub dials here. If you look closely, you can see this textured finish to the subdials. This 44m watch comes equipped with a chronograph which you can use by using these push buttons. All the crowns are screw down whereas the buttons are pushers. Looking at it in the dark, you can see it’s illuminated nice and bright.

Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77616533

Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77616533



Looking at the case back, you can there is half an exhibition skeleton case back which somewhat teases you to see the whole movement at work. The back is also engraved here. Going back to the front, there is this cool feature within the Arabic numerals. If I move the watch away and towards the light, you can see this shine on the numerals. Small touches like this make this an exceptional time piece. Coming to the strap, this is a thick and durable genuine leather brown strap with white stitching. You have the iconic H in the buckle which gives this watch a snug and comfortable finish. One of the more practical and application based watches by Hamilton, this one is worth the price. To check out more Hamilton watches, head to and thank you for watching.


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