Hamilton Timeless Classic Thin-o-matic H38435221
Authored by: Dave  

All gold Hamilton watch. It  comes with this really cool expansion strap. You can get it a great price on the website too. 


Hi everyone and welcome to DiscountShop. Here we have for you a Hamilton Timeless Classic Thin-o-matic H38435221. This watch comes with an automatic movement which you see here on the dial. The date window is comfortably located at the 3 o clock position. The crown helps you change time and the date here. Let’s take a quick look at the watch in the dark before we move on to the highlight of this model. As you can see, only the hands have some illumination, so you could set this beside your watch and check the time if needed. Now, looking at the strap here, you will notice there is no buckle or clasp. This watch comes with this really ingenious strap which stretches out like this when you move it. You just simply slide it on to your wrist. Now, on my wrist, it is pretty loose, so you could get it refitted to your exact size.


Hamilton Thin-O-Matic H38435221


Other than that, there is nothing else in this watch. The caseback is completely closed and you can’t see the automatic movement at work, which would have been an added benefit. There is this nice Hamilton crest here on this 38mm dial. The watch does come with a sapphire crystal as well. With this expansion bracelet piece, you only get a water resistance of 50M though I can only imagine this as a Men’s dress watch and nothing else. All in all an exquisite piece to have in your collection. To check out more Hamilton watches, head to and thank you for watching.

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