History of a Brand – Luminox
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The Luminox range definitely is a true American success story. The brand was born in the late eighties by two businessmen who decided to release a range of sports watches with cutting edge luminescence. Luminox has become quite popular due to its Navy SEAL watch, which was designed specifically keeping the soldiers in mind. Luminox has tasted success in space by developing special watches for space pilots as well.

How has Luminox succeeded where others have failed?


By staying true to its mission by designing watches for elite military purposes, the company has inadvertently created a line of watches that can stand up to everyday use for years to come. What makes the brand really special? As the name suggests, the watches allow users to effortlessly see the time clear in pitch dark. No more fumbling in the dark to see what time it is. By buying a Luminox watch, you are sure to overcome these problems for the next ten years!

Following the success of its Navy SEAL range, Luminox came out with a series of titanium and steel watches that have done remarkably well in the market. Each watch comes with sapphire glass crystals, an anti-reflective coating and a lithium battery that can last for ten years. As a quasi-sequel to the Navy SEAL range; a Recon range was introduced in collaboration with former officials from the Swiss Army. This range was specifically designed for those military personnel requiring analog watches having integrated navigational tools as well. The watch could determine bearings in the sunlight and also measure walking speeds.

This series was immediately followed by Deep Dive models, which can be worn underwater by scuba divers. All watches in this range come with a special diving helmet stamped to the case and the buckle prong shaped as a trident. These watches are water resistant to up to 500 meters and with their revolutionary bezel blocking system, are specifically meant for professional divers.

For everyday use, one can opt for the Luminox Mariner series. These Mariner watches come equipped with screwed down crowns, Swiss quartz movements, lithium batteries and sapphire crystals. While these are meant for everyday use, they are also water resistant to depths of 200 meters. If you live in drier climates and are more worried about dust than water, the Luminox Atacama series is the one suited for the task. This series was introduced in 2010, and featured a vintage look with distressed leather straps and gun metal PVD plating.


Bottom line; with their unending dedication to providing quality watches to their clients, Luminox has made it pretty clear that they can supply pretty much all types of watches suitable for any purpose and climatic conditions!

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