History of a Brand – Nixon
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If there is one accessory that has held millions of people enthralled ever since its invention, then it has to be the wristwatch. There are watches that are more expensive than a Ferrari and watches from the house of Harry Winston that are completely see-through. And then there is the Nixon brand of watches which has attained iconic status since its founding in 1997. The genesis of this company is linked with one man’s quest for a watch! Interesting is it not?


Chad DiNenna was an avid surfer and searched high and low for a watch that gelled with his surfing passion. After facing immense number of disappointments in this quest, DiNenna got together with Andy Laats and created Nixon. Today, this brand has become synonymous with stylish and very contemporary watches along with other goods that the company makes. Even though Nixon is now part of the Billabong International group, it still retains the brand value that it brought in when it was created.


The founders of the company made a conscious effort at developing the brand through associating themselves with a sporty and outdoor kind of life. Activities such as the Nixon  Surf Challenge and even the jibbing Festival have ensured that this brand will be linked forever with a free-flowing and fun lifestyle.


Water is one of the natural elements for these watches. No wonder at that because it was born from a surfer’s dream! They survive plenty of water based sports. What sets this brand apart is the fact that they struck a chord with their wearers. It was not simply about style or making a fashion statement. These watches simply were a way by which the individual could denote his personal style. Rock solid performance and superlative design are some things that went into building the Nixon brand since its introduction in the world.


Got attitude? Get a Nixon! You are sure to find something that says “you” in an extremely stylish and unique way. Effortless chic is probably one of the best descriptions of the Nixon brand of watches. What sets these watches apart is the fact they bring extremely high-quality style to every day wear. Incidentally, you can get hold of the watch that speaks to you on the website of DiscountShop. Check out our Nixon watches reviews here


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