Holiday Shopping? Do It On Black Friday!
Authored by: Monica  

November is an exciting month at so many levels! There is the 4th Thursday, which this year falls on 28th of November. It is Thanksgiving Day. Sumptuous food, gifts, time with friends and family and a day to remember all your blessings.


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There is the growing knowledge of Christmas being just around the corner. There is also the certainty of the New Year coming around with its promise of new beginnings. But you know what else marks November? Black Friday. And if you thought that it is all about darkness and drear, then you are so very mistaken.


Black Friday comes around once every year, and it is the day after Thanksgiving. So this year, obviously, it will be on the 29th of November. This is the official start of the shopping season. People wait for this one day of the year when all retailers, online and physical, offer some mammoth discounts and offers on their products.


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Been lusting after that expensive watch? Wait for Black Friday and you will get it at a steal! Wanting, needing, thirsting for that luxury bedding set? Wait for Black Friday to storm the home décor store.


This is the busiest shopping day of the year and it is indeed interesting to note that the day has a history going back to 1961. The term “Black Friday” was linked to the financial crisis that USA went through in 1869 but in terms of shopping, Black Friday originated in 1961 when merchants and citizens actually felt the full force of mega waves of shoppers. These waves resulted in traffic jams or congestions and even stampedes in shops.

The term also has its origins in ink! Yes, ink! Good old ink that was used to maintain financial records and accounts of a store. As everyone knows, red ink meant not so good things such as losses and black ink means profits. Way back in time when accountants in stores still maintained records by ink and hand, there were a lot of black ink entries after Thanksgiving Day and this has led to the term Black Friday.


Yet another interesting theory of the use of the term ‘Black Friday’ was because shops and office often faced a lot of personnel absenteeism because they were still working off the Thanksgiving celebrations!


In the world of unabashed shopping and consumer consumption, Black Friday is all about the pulchritude of products, promotions and perfect prices. So get all the action at all your favorite stores and stock up on everything you love! Lot to be thankful for in November!




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