Holly And Ivy And All Things Groovy
Authored by: Monica  

Holiday season is everything nice – there is love in the air and a palpable sense of new possibilities. The month of Christmas is upon us and we all know that a few days after this spectacular holiday there is New Year’s Eve. Most people are decorating, baking, cooking and planning and oh yes – shopping too. Cyber Monday just went by but now it is time for some more goodies to fill your bag (or stockings by the fireplace!)


So how can help you get into the right spirit of shopping? We can certainly give you a list of watches that you can link to a beautiful Christmas symbol of some kind. There are the colors of this festival and the bells that will ring in the holidays. There are snowmen and gingerbread men and there is so much more.


In quite a few places Christmas is associated with white, dazzling snow but there is greenery and plants that are traditional Christmas decorations. Holly, mistletoe, ivy, rosemary, fir trees, laurel and all kinds of Christmas wreaths bring together shades of green wonderfully. Red and green make up the bracelet of the Gucci Men’s Dive YA136206 and this very festive looking watch has to start our shopping list for you.

Gucci Men's Dive

Gucci Men’s Dive


Speaking of green, the Christmas tree is one of the most popular icons of the festival. The decoration of this tree with lights and angels, baubles and garlands is such an interesting enterprise for everybody. One choice is popcorn! The buttery golden – white combination is perfectly reflected in the Tommy-Hilfiger Gracie 1781250.

Tommy Hilfiger Gracie

Tommy Hilfiger Gracie


Holidays are about bells – gold, bronze and silver. When you hear those chimes floating across the cold winter air, you know everything is right with this world. A joyous looking watch which brings together the colors of bells everywhere is the Rolex Datejust M116233-0150. Can you hear the bells on Christmas Day?

Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust


Before Christmas Day, there is Christmas Eve. The deep midnight hour when everything stands still for just a second and the moment is so profound. When everything to be thankful is right there, in front of you and in your heart and all you have to do is commit yourself, once more, to being part of the world around you. Midnight blue and the stars in the sky to guide you on – now that can be put on your wrist with the Fossil Women’s Incandesa ES3864. Look closely and you will see the star on the dial.

Fossil Women's Incadesa

Fossil Women’s Incadesa


Wintertime, white, snow, Santa’s beard and the promise of a white Christmas has to be about purity. A crystal cool and frosted silver day is a perfect backdrop for the fireplace and the family opening gifts under the tree together. Bringing together the color and the clarity of white is the Tissot Men’s TXL T0615101103100.

Tissot Men's TXL

Tissot Men’s TXL


Why is the Michael Kors Women’s Audrina MK6235 on this list? Well, brown for the gingerbread man of course. This is quite a delicious looking watch you must admit!

Michael Kors Women's Audrina

Michael Kors Women’s Audrina


Speaking of delectable things, the predominantly red and white of the Swatch Men’s Irony Big YWS407 simply has to remind you of the candy canes which, again, are part of Christmas tradition. Oh yes, red and white is the staple in Santa Claus’s wardrobe too.

Swatch Men's Irony Big

Swatch Men’s Irony Big


At the end of it all the team at wishes you the gift of time – to spend it with your loved ones. Time to rejoice in everything the year has brought you and even better days in 2016. Have yourself a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

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