How do you want to be alarmed? Let us count the ways!
Authored by: Sean  

Of course you know that a watch can do more than tell time! And perhaps one of the most interesting and useful functions of a watch is the fact that it can be programmed to have multiple alarms – at last count, 5 of them!

There is no denying the fact that at one point of time, watches were found only in analog display format. This simply means that the watch’s dial and numbers and hands or markers looked much like this. And, oh yes, you had to learn to tell time!


And then somewhere down the line, say the late 19th century the world went digital. And even though the analog watch survives (admirably) to this day, it became rather simple to tell time with a digital watch because it displayed this information in numbers.


Probably one name that is associated with digital watches and an immense array of features that such a watch can offer is Casio. Casio built in thermometers, scientific calculators, and so on into the watch.

Depending on your preference, you could go in for watch that has a square face like the Casio Sports Alarm

Notice how simple and easy it is to tell time?! 

And now, more about the alarms. One really useful and interesting aspect of the Casio watch is the fact that it has five alarms, as do most of the watches above. Guess they wanted to make sure that you actually wake up and/or remember things!



Depending on the model of watch that you have purchased, you could decipher the rather simple ways in which these alarms can be set. Online shopping websites that sell genuine products will also send you the manual for the watch. Going through the manual will guide you through setting the alarms.

For instance, here is some information to get you started on choosing to set a daily alarm, a date alarm or even a monthly alarm to name a few ways!

Thus, among the many other features of owning a digital watch, there is also the fact that you can program it to remind you to do many a task including waking up in time.


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