How Time-Telling Has Changed
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For quite a few of us today, the thought of wearing a watch on a chain and pulling it out every now and then from a pocket in order to tell time is a pretty alien concept. But way back in the 16th century, pocket watches or fobs as they were also called were indeed the height of fashion.


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Of course, somewhere down the line the wristwatch put in an appearance with Patek Philippe being credited with producing the very first one in the year 1868.

Today, there are an amazing number of brands and watch manufacturers which have changed the way people wear, regard and use their watches.

Companies such as Pebble and Google have taken the concept of time telling even further and blurred the lines between augmented reality and wearable technology.

Take Pebble for instance which has come up with the Pebble E-Paper Orange.




This company has brought out the world’s first smart watch. At some point of time, when you use this watch, you will be totally forgiven if you lose track of the fact that this is a watch.


Because it can help you in:

  • Finding out who is calling you on your smart phone,
  • Get reminders of the various tasks that you are supposed to perform during the day,
  • Keep pace with you as far as music and your workout routine is concerned and
  • Give you notifications about all the activities that are happening in your social media accounts.


In a way, the cell phone has also changed the way people tell time!


Google Glass is another technology that has reinvented the way people not only tell time but the way they interact with the world at large.

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The device looks like very futuristic glasses. Among so many other things, you can take a picture, translate from one language to another, find out more about the images or buildings in front of you and even get information on flight timings.


Then there is the SixthSense, invented by Pranav Mistry. This is yet another amazing device which brings together thought processes from technology, art, psychology and even design in order to make it possible for people to interact with others and the world at large at a phenomenally mindboggling level.


Imagine being able to trace the outline of a circle on any surface and getting to know the time! Indeed, technology has changed the way we tell time and the future is bound to get even more interesting.


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