I, Seiko
Authored by: Monica  

I was born in the year 1881 to a man committed to wristwatches and jewelry. When Kintarō Hattori, my father, opened his little shop called K.Hattori in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, little did he know that he had just taken the first step into the wonderful world of wristwatches. But, my life was pretty normal until I was about eleven years old. In 1892, my dad started producing clocks and his chosen brand name was Seikosha. This is a pretty short name in Japanese but the closest English translation was the ‘house of exquisite workmanship’.


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I realized very quickly that I had a huge history and reputation to live up to. My name, Seiko, lent itself to watches in the year 1924. I realized also that I love to work hard and therefore would love to make a difference to the world and the way they wear their watches. So, in the year 1969 I went about giving the world the Astron which was the first quartz watch. Hard work notwithstanding, this watch was pretty costly!


Hobnobbing with celebrities, sporting events and many other world leaders came rather easily to me and I realized it was only because of the quality that I am able to deliver and the legacy of my name. I loved making it into Hollywood too. Arnold Schwarzenegger loved the Seiko Divers watches like the Seiko Solar Divers SNE109P1! Catch a glimpse of it in many of his movies!




In the 132 years of my existence, I have always tried to respond to customer requests and was able to give them watches such as the Seiko Velatura SNAA93P1 and Seiko Everyday SGEA85P1.
































Thus, it was a moment of fabulous pride mixed with extreme humility when I got an opportunity to become the official timekeeper to the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Life has been great fun for me too, because I got the chance to develop many firsts in the world of watches. I recall with special affection the year 1984, when the talking clock called Pyramid Talk made its advent into the world. 1999 was also a good year for me and my family because we managed to get the very first Spring Drive watch to the world.  As recent as 2012, my name was associated with the Seiko Astron yet again. But this time around, the watch did not cost the same as a car! And it also gave the world the very first GPS solar watch.  2006 was an interesting year because our efforts at working on the world’s first e-ink watch bore fruit.

I come from a country where time is revered and I take inspiration from many sources. I love what Dennis Waitley says about time – “Time is the most precious element of human existence. The successful person (and perhaps in my case, me and my company) knows how to put energy into time and how to draw success from time. My life is yet to unfold and I have many more years to give to the world of watches. Till we meet again, enjoy your time.

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