Is there something they are not telling you?
Authored by: Sean  

There are always some things that fast food manufacturers and sellers will never tell you is it not? For instance, they will never ever tell you that your food is fabulously fresh! Instead they will tell you that it is affordable and convenient and you will have a good time tucking into food with your friends.


But this “cloak of secrecy” is not limited to the fast food industry alone! Which set my imagination aflame! Do I dare to think about some outrageous things that leading brands of wristwatches are not telling you? Can I let my fertile imagination run riot? Here goes……


Of course Luminox is known for its ground breaking, game changing illumination technology. But ever wonder if staring too long at that well-lit dial of the Luminox Black OPS Carbon 8815, for instance, will shrink your pupils? Would Luminox tell us something like that?



Luminox Black OPS Carbon



Does Police tell you that if you walk around sporting their watches then you generate a Super Power Aura which keeps criminals away? Now that would be a useful thing is it not? Or would it make you a walking target?


Image Source –



Does wearing the Hamilton series of skeleton case watches, like the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart H32565555, alter your cardiac rhythms? Would you suddenly find yourself feeling emotions you have never felt before, simply because you now have a heart that is open to various things?


Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart H32565555



Does Pebble have a secret agenda of making its wearers shrewder? After all, this brand is a pioneer in the smart watch segment is it not? Also, is Pebble going to put all cell phone manufacturers out of business at some time?


Would you be endangering your wrist if you drape it with a Lacoste creation? Why? Take a look at their logo on the Lacoste Men’s Advantage. This giant animal can be frightening when encountered in the wild or for that matter, anywhere in the world!


Lacoste Men's Advantage



Some good, some bad, some outrageous. But maybe there are a few specific things that watchmakers will never tell us.





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