It takes all kinds to make a great watch…
Authored by: Sean  

And one world that shows off amazing contrasts is the world of wristwatches.

One of the most interesting contrasts is afforded by classic handcrafted or handmade watches and the ones that are factory produced. Nothing epitomizes this contrast more than Swiss watches and Japanese watches respectively!

It takes a lot to wear the label “Swiss made”. And one of the most decadent and excellent watches to wear are the ones that are handcrafted. And believe me, handcrafted begins with a person actually sitting and drawing the design of the watch by hand. No CAD and CAM here! Take a look at this video and you will know what this means -

There are some amazing companies that take pride in creating handmade Swiss watches such as Dreyfuss which has been creating watches for a long time now. No discussion on Swiss watches would be complete without the all-powerful Rolex 

If the power of the human touch is all important for Swiss watches, then Tissot has given it a new dimension with the Tissot T-Touch. You can watch Dave reviewing the watch here -





The Japanese continue to be at the forefront of factory produced watches. Using powerful and functional innovative technique, they use their work ethic in the best manner possible. The country has produced watches with amazing attention to detail and has helped entrench Japan firmly in the world of watches.












Did you know that Orient established a joint factory with Seiko in 1985? Seiko also means exquisite in Japanese! Here is one of the reasons why this description is so very apt –

Since it is all about data, here is something that should tell you how much Japan means in the world of watches.

One more interesting study in contrasts is between watches which are minimalist and kind of barely there versus some that really know how to go OTT in style. Take a look at the Phillippe Starck creation and you know what it means to go just with the bare essentials

The Calvin Klein Appeal also makes the minimalist look extremely chic!

There are watches which can just go overboard in style and here are a couple that will boggle your mind, no wait – will be mind boggling. Even the English gets mixed up looking at these OTT timepieces!!

This one here has many complications


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