It’s All About Delivery Schedules
Authored by: Monica  

Online retailers who are serious about their business have to live by a business philosophy that embraces some tenets such as quality, customer satisfaction and extremely prompt and reliable delivery services. Same day delivery is the new battlefield for e-tailers. Just a while ago, the Internet exploded with Amazon Prime Air. If you thought it was only the military that used unmanned aerial vehicles to protect national borders, you would be totally wrong! Amazon has deployed drones dubbed quadcopters to deliver packages (payloads?) to customers.

























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Lots of advantages to this delivery system, when and if it comes into being! First, it promises to cut down delivery time to 30 minutes. Second, it may prove to be a more environmentally friendly option! Third, robotics and technology are here to stay and Amazon is probably pioneering the next paradigm shift.


But, is it all going to be friendly skies when it comes to the quadcopters?:

  • It may be rather easy for people to bring down the drones from the skies and claim the product for themselves.
  • Safety will be a huge concern because the flying machines should not collide with buildings or even birds!
  • The drones land at the customer’s place and deposit their packages and fly away. What happens if the customer is out?


If one is talking about a ferocious focus on delivery time, then one must talk about eBay as well. This company has come up with something known as eBay Now. It puts a personal valet at your service. This valet will source your product from a retailer and deliver it to your house. eBay promises even a one hour delivery of the product that you seek.
























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There are some fabulous advantages to this model. First, is the fact that the customer can choose a particular product from a particular retailer and get it delivered to him within one hour. Second, for eBay itself, this model may not be too cost heavy. Third, eBay Now promises to work as an application on your smart phone.


Again, is it all going to be a rosy future for eBay?:

  • There needs to be adequate and swift support from the payment processing service providers.
  • It will need faultless geolocation services.
  • There will be a limitation on the size of the product.


All said and done, Amazon and eBay are just some of the interesting stories that are unfolding when it comes to delivery schedules and the customers and it would be interesting to see is who wins when it comes to man (valet) versus machine (the drone)!

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